The use of Loke Flash Chat is fairly simple and straight, you log in the Login Panel and you chat in Chat Panel, but knowing Loke Chat's other awesome features may make your chat easier and funnier.

video chat
video chat

User Log In

  • User may log in as guest or registered member. If guest, enter username, check Guest box and click Login; if registered member, enter username and password, then Login.

  • View Profile: It will help you to learn more about others.

  • Choose a Chat Room
    Choose a favorite room according to its topic and description, move the mouse over the room tab and click to enter. Select a room that interests u and start chatting away

  • Register New Account
    Registered members have more privileges, such as keeping friend list, changing nickname, etc., so it's highly recommended to register before chatting.

In order to register, just enter the 'Register' tab on the top left of the chat window and fill in the information.

All About User and Chatting

  • Private chat: You may send private messages to your friend in a new pop up window and others won't be able to see it.

  • Personal message in lobby: It will appear in the chat lobby like this: "a > b: blabla." and everyone can see.

  • Whisper: It will appear in the chat lobby but like this: "a > b:(Whisper) blabla." which means only a and b will be able to read it.

  • Ignore: You may block another user's messages in this way.




• How do I custom User Options?
The user option panel will help you to fully customize your chat room, so that you will be well prepared for the upcoming chat adventure. Here you can customize your chat preferences to your own specific requirements.

• Nobody can see me but my webcam is installed!
If you are sending video on Yahoo! Messenger, NetMeeting, or another video chat program then Loke Chat can't access your webcam. Please stop that other program.

• I can't see anyone.
Logout by hitting "logout" at the bottom right of the room. Log back on and try again. Be sure you are viewing users with webcams.

• How do I send a file?
Word document, pictures or MP3 files may be transferred among users in the private chat. You are highly-recommended to scan the received files using anti-virus software though.

There are two ways to start a file transfer.
  1. Left-click a user name from the user list, select Send File in the pop-up profile panel.
  2. Double-click the receiver's name in the userlist to open a private chat window first, then click Send File icon. Choose a file then in the open file dialogue box,, click Open, and then the file transfer will begin. After sending, you can still withdraw the transfer request if the receiver hasn't accepted your file yet. Once the file is accepted, a notification will be received.

• How do I send an image?
  1. Image files may be sent in the private chat as well as in the chat lobby. The following formats are allowed: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG.
  2. Just select the image icon which is located on the right side of the menu above the chat box. Whether it's automatically open on the receiver's screen or not, and the max file size are both defined by the chat admin. The default max size is 512K.
  3. If the admin configured it won't auto open, then when it's successfully uploaded, an image icon will show in the chat area, clicking the icon will start loading the picture.

• How do I send audio?
Sound messages may be sent out to say hello or kiss somebody, etc. This function is available in the private chat window as well as in the chat lobby. A sound message won't automatically play unless a user has configured his own setting to do so.

• How do I send a Flash emotion?
Flash emotions can be sent both in private messages and publicly in the lobby. Just select the 'Send Flash Emotion' icon on top of the text box and select the Flash Emotion yu want to send.

• The video looks slow and blocky.
If you are on a broadband connection mouse over your own local video and choose higher quality video.

• Someone is harassing me.
Type /ignore and their nickname to ignore them.

• The wrong video source is selected and I want to use my webcam.
Right click your video window and choose "settings". Next click the webcam icon tab and then you can use the pull-down menu to select your video source

• I did not find the answer I am looking for!
If the information supplied here was not sufficient enough, then you can check out the 'Help' page straight from your chat window. Go to the 'help' tab at the top of the chat window in the menu bar and find lots more useful information and tips.

Otherwise please feel free to 'contact us' with any queries or remarks.
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